• Focus Locally

    Focus Locally

    Your customers, and your market are our focus.

    Many healthcare advisory firms try to fix unique problems with industry-sized solutions. As a nimble company with your facility, your customers, and your market as our focus, Ivy knows that earning physicians’ loyalty requires a deep dive into your specific environment. Our actionable solutions directly address the needs of your customers.

  • Analyze and grow

    Analyze and grow

    Stay ahead of your competitors with our decision support tools.

    Our analytics team uses hospital and industry data to provide you with on-demand decision support tools so you can stay ahead of your competitors, grow the top line and see the impact flow through to the bottom line.

  • Listen and innovate

    Listen and innovate

    Our proven formula for capturing market share.

    Our proven formula for capturing market share is simple: listen to the customer, pay attention to the details, and innovate services that matter most.

Build Customer Loyalty
Our solutions start with dominating the point of referral and span the entire healthcare delivery service chain. We remain grounded through in market feedback from our “feet on the street” approach to sales and marketing. Communication, trust, and confidence establish a foundation for customer loyalty.
Implement Best Practices
Our team doesn’t just deliver boardroom presentations. We get to know all levels of management, and get to work right away – improving processes, creating accountability, and measuring success.
Capture Market Share
Many firms cut costs, leaving their clients with short-term gains but no long-term growth plan. Ivy uses your current people and assets to make your services easier to use, drive referral growth, and grow your top line.

Satisfy Customers. Improve Efficiency. Grow Profits.

For more than a decade, Ivy Ventures has served as strategic growth partner to leading healthcare organizations, working to capture market share by making healthcare more navigable for patients and providers. Based in Richmond, VA, our team is composed of healthcare entrepreneurs, former hospital executives and operators, sales professionals, financial analysts, and researchers. We find growth opportunities, then implement, manage and measure them.

Our Solutions

    We find growth opportunities, then implement, manage and measure them.

What our clients are saying

"The 64-slice CT project you ran for the hospital allowed us to implement state-of-the-art technology quicker, cheaper, and more hassle-free than we could possibly have hoped."

"I can honestly state that our partnership with Ivy Ventures to introduce the [SNAPCare ®] program to our medical staff was the best growth initiative we had in 2008."

"Appreciate the work we were able to perform together... we made great progress in reaching out to referring physicians and clinics to ensure high quality, effective imaging services. There is much still to be done, but the foundation is laid for continued improvements in our efforts to meet the needs of patients and providers."

"Ivy's rigorous staffed sales program helped us identify new sources of business, backfill the loss of our largest practice, and then grow outpatient diagnostic volume in their first year. After our successful pilot, we expanded our relationship with Ivy to include three additional Vanguard health systems throughout the country. As the Regional CFO of a leading national healthcare corporation, I also find tremendous value in Ivy Ventures' strategic and operational programs to increase the utilization of our existing assets. Most of Ivy's recommendations do not require significant capital investment. Instead their programs are practical and designed to solve specific operational problems with a focus on quality, customer service and profitability."