Senior Staff

Our Partners

K. Roger Johnson, Jr.  arrow

Founder and Principal

Mr. Johnson co-founded Ivy with Doug Wetmore in 2003. Mr. Johnson focuses primarily on client strategy and growth opportunities, problem identification/resolution, service innovation, and business development.

Douglas D. Wetmore IV  arrow

Founder and Principal

Mr. Wetmore co-founded Ivy Ventures with Mr. Johnson in 2003. He works with the other members of Ivy’s senior management team to develop new product offerings, identify new clients, manage existing client work, and develop strategy for company growth.

Robert W. Oldfield  arrow

Principal, Business Development

Mr. Oldfield joined Ivy as a Principal in 2006. He focuses primarily on new business development, growth strategies, and client relationships.

J. Stephen Lindsey  arrow


Mr. Lindsey joined Ivy Ventures in 2003. He focuses on growth opportunities and business development.

Milan diPierro  arrow

Principal, Chief Operating Officer

As Ivy’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. diPierro plans, directs, and coordinates Ivy’s internal operations and external consulting and development engagements with clients.


Operational Team

Chris D. Shepperson  arrow

Director of Clinical Operations

As Ivy’s Director of Clinical Operations, Mr. Shepperson focuses on implementing “best practice” solutions to improve patient access, customer service, and streamlining clinical workflow processes.

Michelle Hariu  arrow

Patient Access Manager

As Ivy’s Patient Access Manager, Mrs. Hariu focuses on implementing “best practices” that help to streamline scheduling and registration workflow processes, increases customer satisfaction and ease of access.


Sales and Marketing Team

Robert B. Johnson  arrow

National Sales Director

Mr. Johnson is responsible for the recruiting, training and on-going sales management of Ivy’s sales and marketing client representatives nationwide.

Sam Carey  arrow

Regional Manager - Eastern USA

Mr. Carey manages and directs the sales and marketing support for the Ivy Ventures Customer Services Representatives in Michigan, Virginia, and Washington, DC.


Jake Clark  arrow

Regional Manager - Western USA

Mr. Clark manages and directs the sales and marketing support for the Ivy Ventures Customer Services Representatives responsible for the Intermountain Healthcare system.

Analytics Team

Barrett Clark  arrow

Director of Strategy and Analytics

As Ivy’s Director of Strategy and Analytics, Barrett identifies and implements strategic initiatives for health systems designed to grow profit.

Sarah Gray Tullidge Innes  arrow


Ms. Innes works on the Strategy and Analytics team focusing on developing solutions and implementing strategic initiatives designed to grow profit for health systems nationwide.

Andrew Case  arrow

Senior Associate, Data Management and Reporting

Mr. Case helps hospital outpatient managers identify their revenue sources and respond to trends in local patient markets.

Peter Squire  arrow


Mr. Squire joined the Ivy analytical team in January 2013. He works with health systems nationwide to identify and advance outpatient imaging growth opportunities while providing analytical support.


Stefan Kling  arrow


As a member of Ivy Ventures’ Strategy and Analytics team, Mr. Kling works with health systems nationwide to both develop growth strategies and implement analytics-based initiatives in the outpatient imaging field. Mr. Kling joined Ivy Ventures in December 2013.



Business Development

John Mitchell  arrow

Mr. Mitchell joined Ivy in 2010. He focuses primarily on new business development and client relationships.




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