What Clients Are Saying

What Clients Are Saying


Bon Secours Health System logo"[Ivy] ... has demonstrated a refined expertise in imaging, including key insights into the strategic development of outpatient facilities ..." – Peter F. Gallagher, CFO Bon Secours Richmond Health System

"... an emphasis on physician and patient service to ensure customer satisfaction, and a flair for marketing innovation that has helped us compete effectively for business in what is a tough retail part of the market." – Peter F. Gallagher, CFO Bon Secours Richmond Health System

Lifepoint Hospitals logo“I can honestly state that our partnership with Ivy Ventures to introduce the [SNAPCare ®] program to our medical staff was the best growth initiative we had in 2008.” – William C. Haugh
Chief Operating Officer, Lifepoint Hospitals – Memorial Hospital of Martinsville and Henry County

“One of the underestimated benefits that we did not consider when evaluating this program [SNAPCare ®] is the fact it has created a new “channel” of communication between physician practices and the hospital.” – William C. Haugh
Chief Operating Officer, Lifepoint Hospitals – Memorial Hospital of Martinsville and Henry County

Resurrection Health Care logo“Everyone in the Ivy group that we have worked with has been exceptional in their ability to take a creative, flexible, local approach to our issues. While the value of the Sales and Marketing program is clear and demonstrable, I feel that the analytic work that your group does is equally if not more valuable.” – John D. Baird, Chief Executive Officer/Executive Vice President, Resurrection Health Care – Holy Family Medical Center

Vanguard Health Systems logo“Saint Vincent was a challenging pilot for Ivy because it is located in the state of Massachusetts where 40% of care is performed at academic medical centers. Furthermore, Saint Vincent Hospital’s largest referring practice, which comprised 38% of the hospital’s outpatient radiology business, purchased its own imaging center a month after Ivy started. Ivy’s rigorous staffed sales program helped us identify new sources of business, backfill the loss of our largest practice, and then grow outpatient diagnostic volume in their first year.” – Victor Jordan, Chief Financial Officer, Vanguard Health Systems, New England & Chicago Market

“As the CFO of a leading national healthcare corporation, I also find tremendous value in Ivy Ventures’ strategic and operational programs to increase the utilization of our existing assets. Most of Ivy’s recommendations do not require significant capital investment. Instead their programs are practical and designed to solve specific operational problems with a focus on quality, customer service and profitability.” – Victor Jordan, Chief Financial Officer, Vanguard Health Systems, New England & Chicago Market


The Queen's Medical Center logo“We are thrilled to have Ivy Ventures as our strategic partner to grow our diagnostic imaging service line and market share in Honolulu. We decided to engage Ivy Ventures because of the breadth of services they offer from strategic visioning/development to tactical sales, marketing and operational improvements. We look forward to utilizing their expertise to continue to grow our imaging volumes at the newly acquired Queen’s Imaging at Pearlridge and main hospital campus.” -- Virginia Walker, Director of the Cancer Center, Women's Health, and Imaging Services, The Queen’s Medical Center

“The Concierge Program takes services delivery out of the traditional back offices and brings it directly into our physicians and patients. This model has been extraordinarily successful and Ivy Ventures has been instrumental to that success.” Joseph L. Ingold, VP Integration Bon Secours Health System

"Since we started our relationship with Ivy Ventures a year and a half ago, you and your colleagues have provided consistently sound advice and have helped devise and implement concrete operational and marketing changes that have driven our outpatient imaging strategy and created over a million dollars of bottom-line impact." – Charles Malloy, Vice President Operations Memorial Regional Medical Center

Martha Jefferson Hospital logo“As you know, we are in a very competitive market where the University of Virginia Health System is a very formidable competitor with tremendous resources. Ivy’s ability to help us focus on and improve customer service has allowed us to make tangible advances in the fight to win market share from this highly regarded academic medical center.” – Marijo Lecker, Vice President Administration, Martha Jefferson Hospital

Intermountain Healthcare logo“Although frequently ranked as one of the nation’s best integrated healthcare systems, we struggled for many years to address issues of physician outreach, patient access, and customer service. We began working with Ivy Ventures at a time when our imaging operations were at a critical crossroads: our Radiology Group had recently opened a fully owned MRI center across the street from one of our hospitals and we were in the process of opening our first outpatient imaging center. Ivy’s innovative approach of managing a staffed sales program and identifying key operational and strategic projects helped us take full advantage of our investment in imaging assets by growing high-margin volumes.” – Cliff Park, Operations Officer, Intermountain Healthcare – Urban South Region (Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, American Fork Hospital, Orem Community Hospital)


“The 64-slice CT project you ran for the hospital allowed us to implement state-of-the-art technology quicker, cheaper, and more hassle-free than we could possibly have hoped.” – Benjamin Roach, MD Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital

"We’ve seen more than a 30% increase in Outpatient MRI volume since you’ve started. ... the improvements you’ve implemented indicate that we’re on track to see a $1 million improvement in Radiology in this first year; you’ve been able to add at least $700,000 to the Radiology bottom line in the past 8 months." – Arun G. Patel, MD Chairman of Radiology Bon Secours Cottage Health System

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